Print Advertising

cpsl_adWhile we’re exposed to an ever-increasing array of digital ads daily, the impact of an “old fashioned” print ad – either in a newspaper or magazine – continues to establish the legitimacy of a community in a way no other medium can. The good news for our industry is that seniors are among the most ardent newspaper readers, along with their boomer-age adult children. Newspapers may have seen a decline in overall readership, but our audience still sees print as gospel. Realizing the impact print ads can generate, Forté approaches print ad design strategically and creatively. The message must be strong and clear, with minimal clutter. Visuals, theme and headlines act to drive the audience to the ad, with copy delivering the message clearly and convincingly. With almost 20 years’ experience exclusively in the senior living industry, we know what language works best and which incentives generate the best response.