Work: Collateral

avanti_bro-frontWhen a great prospect leaves a tour of your community, they’ll typically walk away with an impression, a business card and your printed collateral. The chances are your collateral will soon land next to three or more sets of printed materials, from competing communities. That realization is eye-opening in terms of how compelling and dynamic your printed collateral must be. Does it stand out – visually and with meaningful content? Does your main brochure mirror the story and key points your sales counselor reviewed with the prospect? Most importantly – does that piece of paper convincingly sell your community on its own?

At Forté, we take a strategic approach to collateral development. Our dedication to exclusively serving the senior living industry enables us to identify and communicate the personality, benefits and uniqueness of your community. Our experience in print design yields pieces that are timeless, engaging and in line with your community’s character.