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Senior Living Websites

There are few pieces of your marketing that directly impact occupancy as significantly as your website. The quality of your website, the information contained on the site and the overall user experience are all critical to creating a positive impression that leads to a sale.

A good question to ask yourself is “does our website create an impression that is comparable to a physical community tour?”

If two adult children are both involved in a moving or placement decision and one tours the community physically, while the other is limited geographically to reviewing your website, will they form relatively similar opinions? Or, will the physical tour produce a “9 out of 10” review, while the website visit only scores “5 out of 10?”

Granted, nothing can truly equal a physical community tour, but your website should act as the “tour” when limitations prevent an in-person review. Equally, your website should remind and reinforce the key elements communicated during an in-person visit.

Your website should deliver more than facts and figures. Your website needs to build trust. It needs to communicate a story, a feeling, an impression of your staff’s compassion and expertise. Quite simply, your website must be able to wholly and convincingly sell your community.

Forté excels at web development, delivering design that’s fresh and age-appropriate, optimization that increases search engine rank and content that speaks to both “emotional” decision-makers and their more “logical” counterparts – all developed by a staff that exclusively serves the unique needs of the senior living industry. To learn more about web development for senior living, please contact Trapper Collova via email or at 214-890-7912 ext 40.

Responsive Design

As you know, web viewing on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) is substantial and increasing daily. To learn more about “responsive design” and why your site absolutely must utilize this technology, please visit this page.