Dog Days of Summer

blogpic_katieIT’S SUMMER!! In case you missed the heat wave and the fact that the amount of children everywhere has tripled, I thought I should let you know. Now that most of us have jobs that don’t allow us to have summer breaks, sometimes it’s easy to forget. But one thing has always felt like summer, whether as a kid or as an adult—the Fourth of July.

These four words automatically make me think of fireworks, ice cream and family and provide an incessant need for me to stalk Pinterest for cute red, white and blue recipes. In the world of senior living, many use Independence Day as a way to highlight and honor residents and their service to our country. However, one of my senior living clients celebrates the Fourth in a particularly unique way. The residents and staff are dressing up themselves—and their four-legged friends—for a patriotic dog parade!

The dog parade started in 2007 as a way to celebrate the opening of the new dog park on the community’s campus. One of the residents was the mastermind behind the dog park after finding an unused area of campus that was beautifully shaded.  His wife was the original creator of the first dog parade seven years ago, and it’s a tradition that has stuck.

After the residents and their canines finish marching in a proud procession around campus, they meet up at the dog park where they will be greeted with root beer floats, dog popsicles and a fun celebration of freedom. It’s always great to showcase unique ideas for celebrating a holiday or something a little out of the norm that will grab the attention of the public. So when you are out celebrating summer and freedom this weekend, look around…you might just see some dressed-up dogs!

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