The Art of Event Placement

blogpic_katieI have found that contacting the media about events at senior living communities can be a difficult placement. Many people see where the event is located and immediately lose interest.

You may get some online calendar postings, and if it is an entertainment event, a reporter may be interested in profiling the entertainer’s background and then mentioning at the end that they are performing for your community.

That said, fundraisers can be difficult. If the type of fundraiser does not appeal to the reporter, the great cause you are supporting may get overlooked. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Fundraisers are great events for senior living communities to host. It gets the residents involved with the community which they enjoy, and raises money for a good cause.

So how do you entice the media to come to the senior living community, when little Susie down the street is selling popcorn to raise money for a new playground? Or the high school cheerleaders are having a car wash to buy new uniforms?

You tug on their heart strings. You tell them how valuable their help is. Making them feel included as a part of the fundraiser, makes them feel like they are directly involved and gives you just the right coverage you need to get the event out to the public.

Of course, there are always things to do on the front end of fundraisers. Make sure that you are raising money to help a good cause in the community like a no-kill animal shelter, or a homeless center and are not just raising money for new trays in your community’s café.

Happy Fundraising!

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