Royal Baby Shower, Royal Hit!

There are many aspects of a PR story that attract the media, but the most successful stories I have seen are those that are timely and those that have a charitable giving aspect to it. This week, the PR-stars aligned when my client, The Legacy Willow Bend, decided to host an event that was BOTH timely and was giving back to the community at-large.

As you know, the Royal Baby Watch is in full swing around the world. Even though this unborn heir is across the pond, we here in the U.S. all still seem to care a great deal.  With that idea in mind, this Dallas senior living community decided to throw a Royal Baby Shower. Cute idea, right? Imagery blossomed in my head of a group of senior women adorned in hats, having lunch and sipping tea – bringing an international news event local. That was perfect news hook #1.

The Knitting Club of The Legacy Willow Bend donated handmade blankets to Vogel Alcove.

They didn’t stop there. Residents of the community were asked to bring baby clothes, toys, diapers, bottles, etc. to be donated to Vogel Alcove – an organization that has provided free quality child development services for Dallas’ youngest victims of poverty for the past 25 years. A touching gesture of seniors giving back to children in need made this perfect news hook #2.

The Legacy definitely made my job easy by coming up with this event idea without the need of my input. Once I had word of the event, I immediately devised a Media Alert and sent it out to local TV stations and newspapers. As predicted, the Royal Baby Shower was a very successful event showcased by local media outlets who were thrilled for the opportunity to tell the story. If you don’t have a news gem that lands in your lap like this one did for me, I suggest trying to think of ways to make the story timely. Throwing together a charitable donation is difficult on short notice, but it also is a great way to make a feel-good story.

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