Senior Marketing for Street Fighters

Three lightning quick moves to take to your marketing street fight:

1. Bust up the confusion with Brand Dominance.

You have to stand out from the pack to win attention—and get first consideration for a site visit. We can deliver the creative design and sales messaging to re-invent or refresh your brand so that it cuts through the noise and connects with superior value. Then, we can romance that energized brand across an updated website, advertising, direct mail and sales collateral. We can also provide local market (or corporate) publicity that puts your best brand foot forward every month in the form of hard-hitting stories (in print and broadcast) about growth, residents, events and more. Don’t rumble without the winning brand strategy. Fly your winning colors!

2. Dazzle your prospects with your Digital Footwork.

Using leading edge digital e-mail, SEO/SEM, social, mobile, and content marketing strategies you can hit your prospects with fresh new information at home, at work and at play. You can offer them engaging multi-media content and testimonials to pull them in—and interesting updates and information to keep them engaged through closing—and beyond. Digital strategies are cost-effective to implement and adapt in an instant, based on absolutely accurate analytics—including visitor ID and tracking. Your market starts shopping online—whether on a desktop or mobile device—so you have to come up early in searches to tell your story in that format. Don’t get caught flatfooted on digital. Catch the competition off guard with dazzling digital tools that connect!

3. Throw fast and hard with Integrated Combinations.

A little known marketing secret is that a low-cost—but well-planned—interplay of multiple channels can out deliver a huge budget squandered on one or two channels. So what if your competition hits you with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign? Your market still sees you as the “top dog” based on scientific targeting, timing, and marketing integration that combines PR, digital, and traditional channels into one seamless brand experience. That combined experience offers a much bigger impact than the sum of its parts. When you have senior savvy media planning and stir in the right creative design and copy, you’re unbeatable. Mix up your punches for a fast knockout!

Plan smart and fight your best fight.

You can stay ahead of the pack but you have to plan your moves and stay on your toes. That’s why we recommend that you start with a no-cost planning session with us, to identify the best moves for you to lead with. Then we’ll provide you with precise scope and cost estimates so you can build a game plan that will dominate your market from now throughout 2016. Call or email Bill Pemberton today to set up your planning call—or just discuss a short-term project. Email: or phone 214-890-7912 x29. Don’t show up for a street fight with outdated tactics.

We’ve got your back—so you stay in front.

We’re Forté Senior Lifestyle Experts, a senior-focused marketing agency since 1999, a division of The Point Group, the leading independent agency in the southwest for real estate, hospitality, healthcare and technology. We thought it was an ideal match too! Check us out online—then drop us a line!