Senior Living Expertise

Experience in Senior Living Marketing, Branding and PR

Since our inception in 1999, Forté has maintained one single focus: senior living. We approach each day with the goal of strengthening the industry and our clients’ success. We’ve worked with senior living communities across the nation, through all phases: from blue sky marketing, financing, construction, and grand opening, to stabilization and mergers/acquisitions.

Through our distinguished public relations experience, we’ve celebrated stories of residents, prepared communities to deflect a crisis and introduced markets of all sizes to new options in senior living. Our marketing efforts have communicated our clients’ precise message when they need it, to exactly whom they need to reach. Whether it’s printed materials, digital marketing or broadcast, we’re highly experienced in all media.

Forté Monitor

At Forté, we’re serious about our commitment to the industry and maintaining a comprehensive, leading edge awareness of senior living news, trends and all online activity related to senior living. In fact, this commitment is so important, we developed a proprietary tool we call Forté Monitor.

One of our many senior living specialists dedicates 20-30 hours each week researching every movement within the industry. Our Forté Monitor editor extensively reviews news outlets, industry associations, the best in social networks and over 100 blogs that cover senior living issues; then selects the most unique and noteworthy content and catalogs it in our indexed, searchable multi-media Forté Monitor.

Our entire staff reviews Forté Monitor daily, fueling further discussion and research into the most noteworthy trends, how our clients will be impacted, and how we’ll drive results for our clients by applying this wealth of information. It’s about knowledge, innovation and always staying on the cutting edge of senior living.

Why it matters

6453601_xxlSubject matter expertise is critical when communicating your unique message to the market. A few reasons why it’s so important:

  • Senior living decision makers aren’t confined to a single demographic. Messages and mediums must be keenly tailored to influence adult children, resident prospects, friends, family, discharge planners and other healthcare professionals.
  • We stay ahead of the senior living curve. With dynamic professionals dedicated to senior living, Forté is always aware of industry trends, opportunities to take advantage of and mistakes to avoid. We advise our clients based on what we learn through industry channels and what we see firsthand.
  • Our expertise minimizes the time required by you and your staff. We know how busy and understaffed the industry can be. The last thing you want to do is educate your agency on the basics of your business. At Forté, our experience means less explanation, fewer revisions and a message that hits the target, while requiring minimal time from you.
  • When it comes to visual appeal, adult children and prospects have very distinct responses to graphic design. Aging eyes begin to see colors differently; certain fonts are welcomed for headlines, while others reduce fatigue while reading large blocks of text. At Forté, we’ve researched scientific data, along with trends, and we deliver graphic design that appeals to your audience.
  • We’ve got another dozen reasons! Give us a call to learn more.