Responsive Web Design

While the inresponsive:nonternet is fueled by trends that pass as quickly as they arrive, we can all agree that web browsing on smart phones and tablets is well-established and only poised to increase in the near future. A recent Pew Research study found that 60% of cell phone users access the internet regularly with their cell phone.

The message to senior living communities is clear:  your website must be optimized for viewing on mobile devices or you will lose leads to competitors whose websites perform better.

In 2011, that typically meant a separate website for mobile viewing – a challenge to develop and a nuisance to maintain. Fortunately, the capability for optimized mobile viewing is now a function of responsive website design.  

What is Responsive Web Design?

In simple terms, a “responsive website” intuitively adjusts the layout of content to logically and automatically fit the size/resolution of the browsing device being used. That means without scrolling, squinting, rotating or zooming – a comfortable, effortless user experience that translates to more time on your website, more information reviewed, more sharing and ultimately – a more favorable impression of your community or organization.

Forté excels in responsive web design, developing completely custom websites that are visually stunning, content rich and fully optimized. Our team provides a turnkey approach: we analyze your demographics and unique marketing needs and develop the strategy. We provide world-class visuals and layout, write all copy, program and provide search engine optimization (SEO). Ultimately, we market your website and provide metrics to gauge use and efficiency.

Our history and dedicated focus on senior living means a team of industry experts will strategically develop your site. With the specific and very emotionally-driven needs of your audience, it’s important that all aspects of your website are carefully created with your audience in mind.

To learn more about custom, responsive website design for senior living, contact Trapper Collova via email or at 214-890-7912 ext 40.