PR Pro Package

The PR Pro Package is built upon the foundation of the standard PR Starter Package and is utilized to develop newsworthy stories and enlist media to broadcast clients’ stories to a wide audience. The PR Pro Package takes advantage of successful coverage by extended distribution of the coverage via sales collateral—specifically a single page promotional handout. This handout is useful for sales/marketing departments to add value and credibility when working with prospects. Internal circulation proves to build
morale and brand equity amongst employees, existing residents and their families. Lastly, the medical community is an ideal recipient group for coverage of topics that feature advances in healthcare capabilities or technology at your community(s).


  • Media consumers (TV news, radio news, newspaper, magazines, online news)
  • Contacts/Leads (existing contacts, leads, medical community)
  • Prospects













Following the story mining, press release generation, news coverage and reporting previously mentioned, Forté works closely with the client to design a single-page sales collateral piece. Rather than a straight reprint from the media—which often carries copyright restrictions and high cost—the handout summarizes key coverage points (by multiple media, if applicable). Forté provides turnkey services, with flyers printed and delivered to a single point following the approval process.