PR Pro — Media Coverage Marketing Packages

PR_meets_marketing1Successful news coverage generated by PR can truly be a game changer in terms of branding and lead generation for a senior living community. Forté encourages clients to build upon successful coverage and leverage the third-party endorsement of media by developing sales collateral which specifically highlights the coverage obtained.
By summarizing the coverage and original news story in community-specific marketing pieces, Forté enables clients to further their message – adding a more compelling bias than typically enjoyed in a news piece. Utilizing proven marketing tactics such as collateral and direct mail allows sales and marketing teams to deliver the message directly to prospects and highly-targeted mailing lists. Online posting—both on corporate websites and social media—encourages prospects to view and share TV, newspaper or other coverage. The results can be remarkable.

Forté has developed four distinct PR Packages, each with varying components of marketing furtherance of coverage:

We invite you to review the potential of carrying your news farther and more powerfully via our PR Packages and please feel free to call 214-890-7912 ext. 40 to learn how we can generate leads for your community today.

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