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blogpic_trapperA winter storm is on the way, snow has begun to fall, your community’s power could go out and you just got your fourth call from an employee that “can’t make it in.” You’re stunned, saddened by so many staff members’ lack of dedication. “We aren’t selling ice cream here,” you think to yourself “we’ve dedicated our lives to serving seniors – those who selflessly served us first.”

Hopefully that’s a scenario you won’t encounter any time soon. Take a moment though and think… if it did occur, who would your “phone-ins” be? A list of names most likely comes quickly to mind. That list, aside from the “snow” scenario, is by definition a list of employees who aren’t wholly dedicated to the mission. In other words, those are employees that should be replaced, the sooner the better.

We understand that recruiting stellar employees is challenging, but so is generating qualified leads, and your marketing efforts have proven successful in that effort. The question is then: which marketing efforts could help me better identify and recruit quality employees?  Back to the lead generation analogy – your best efforts are often the ones targeted to those most likely to respond, and who are already qualified to a great degree.


Thanks to the widespread collection of behaviors, traits, interests and other data; you can enlist star employees via social media, direct mail, paid video and other targeted advertising venues. Think about it for a moment – if you run an ad online or in the newspaper, who is more likely to see your ad: the exemplary kind of employee or the one who lost their last job due to lack of results? It stands to reason that the best employees are probably already employed therefore must be sought out.

Back to targeting: with the knowledge and resources, you could send a low-cost direct mail piece or email to 1,000 prospect employees whose experience matches the position, who live within a 10-mile radius of your community and who exhibit signs of fiscal responsibility. If your community is faith-based, limit the recipient list to those who share that faith and will better connect with residents. Techno-savvy employees could be targeted if you’re finding that your systems are confusing a high number of employees. The list of possibilities is broad and the more selective you are, the higher quality of responses you will receive.

With any luck, the next time it snows, your staff will be present with shovels in-hand not at home with excuses at the ready.

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