Step it Up for Successful Aging

blogpic_gabrielleOne thing I love about my job is the way it provides great opportunities to continue learning! I am able to attend events like The Masterpiece Living® Lyceum and hear from health and wellness experts like Dr. Roger Landry and Dr. David Gobble; I am able to soak up their knowledge about the importance of taking care of what you have now in order to age well and maintain what you have later.

I’ve had numerous interviews with fitness specialists, executive chefs and wellness coordinators and worked with writers of health publications. Those kinds of interactions have been filled with great reminders and also led to fresh ideas and tremendous insight on how to take care of my health in ways I may not often consider.

Every time I hear from senior residents at the communities we serve who are determined and dedicated to maintaining their healthy lifestyles and fitness, I come away truly inspired! The woman in her 70s who attends fast-paced Zumba classes and the group of seniors who participated in a “Walk to Wellness” campaign and covered hundreds of miles with millions of steps counted (during just a four-month timeframe) have shown me that I have no excuse not to be moving.


Yoga and Tai Chi are just a few of the other low-impact activities that are increasingly being offered by senior living communities.

Recently, the International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) led the weeklong annual health promotion event that celebrates the way adults over the age of 50 are fully functioning members of society and highlights older adults’ abilities to live well. It’s so important to realize that as the life expectancy increases, so should our expectations for ourselves. We have to take initiative to lead healthier lives so that we can have not only longer lives but more enjoyable lives.

Walking is super easy, requires no special gear or equipment, and yet has a numerous benefits for overall health from mood to cardiovascular health and strength. Much of our culture is inescapably filled with opportunities to take a seat, but I hope we can make efforts to seek the opportunities to take a stand instead. As in literally, I mean stand up, step up and count those steps that you take! Each one adds up in total on the pedometer and in your journey to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

For more words of encouragement, read this recent article by Dr. Landry for US News & World Report: “Four Ways to Age with Gusto” Hey, we’re all aging—in the sense that we’re all growing older all the time—from that perspective, successful aging can begin at any stage of your life.

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