Seniors Sparking Pinterest

blogpic_katieA common misconception I’m confronted with when talking to my friends in public relations is that it must be incredibly difficult to find something interesting to write about at a senior living community.  In reality, most of the seniors at these communities have their social calendars filled up more than I do. But when I heard about one of my clients offering a class on Pinterest—I immediately knew I had to share what this community was doing!

When most people hear about seniors taking a class on Pinterest, they will assume you are referring to high school seniors. But a group of senior residents at Presbyterian Village North in Dallas are the seniors I’m referring to. This vibrant group of residents brings their iPads to a class where they learn the ins and outs of Pinterest.  Now they are well versed in creating and following boards and can pin like professionals.

Several residents previously bridged the “generation gap” when they purchased iPads to keep in touch with their kids and grandkids.  Many of these same residents already have a Facebook account, and now they are finding different ways to use Pinterest to expand their creativity.

The residents search for craft ideas, recipes, travel tips, daily workouts and the latest trends. The information on Pinterest sometimes gives them gift ideas for family and friends. The class started with a review of general statistics about Pinterest users and what they could find on the site. The seniors learned that Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board, with each pin being the equivalent of bookmarking a website.

“I’m really intrigued by Pinterest and enjoyed learning how to use the site better,” said Ann Foster, resident at Presbyterian Village North. “I already found a craft idea that I plan on using this summer with the local kids who come here for Camp PVN. We are also using DIY project ideas found on Pinterest for our group the Sew and Sews, which is a group of residents that do sewing projects for a cause and then donate the projects to charity.”

On any given day you can walk up and down the halls of Presbyterian Village North and find a story to tell. You can hear the residents talking about what items are trending on Facebook or a new recipe they found on Pinterest or about a great Skype session they had with their grandkids. One thing is for sure, this group of seniors throws stereotypes out the window, and I never have a difficult time finding a story to share.

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