Oscars to Occupancy

blogpic_ashleywThe 87th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday, and if you’re like me you began a countdown months ago. In addition to the great movies, the Oscars – as they’re most commonly known these days – are also about the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, showcasing A-list celebrities in couture gowns and designer tuxedos. The Oscars are widely considered to be the most prestigious cinema awards ceremony in the world and have amassed a diverse viewership. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has a reason to watch the Oscars.

For many growing up, movies were an outlet to escape the stresses and sometime harsh realities of everyday life. For the hour or two that a movie played, they could get away and immerse themselves in whatever was playing in front of them. It’s no secret that senior community residents LOVE movies. They have a special appreciation for a wide variety of films ranging from the black-and-white westerns with John Wayne to modern day movies like this year’s Best Picture nominee “The Theory of Everything”.

Many of these films are like snapshots of their generation. The clothes, the hairstyles, the way people talked, all of these elements can take people back in time, if only until the runtime ends.


Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not (1944)

So you’ve got elements of glitz, glamour, and getaways, all in one affair. I think that sounds like the making of a perfect senior living community event. There are so many ways you can make it happen.

  1. Bring in a local film critic to discuss the different nominated categories and have the guests fill out their own ballot of who they think will win.
  2. The night before the Oscars, roll out your own red carpet and have an Oscar-themed party where residents and guests dress up for a stylish night of dinner and dancing. Offer special swag bags as parting gifts.
  3. The weeks leading up to the big night, host special screenings of some of the nominated films. Provide popcorn and candy so your guests feel like they’re at the movies.

An event like this is a great way to not only entertain your current residents, but also to reach out and bring in new prospects and let them get a feel for your community. Tailor the event to your audience and it’s guaranteed to be an award-winning success (even if the awards are just on TV).

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