Gratitude Marketing

In the senior living industry, virtually all communities extol of their superiority in services, amenities and delivery of care to residents. For those few communities that truly rise above the rest, there are fortunately industry accolades, awards and ratings that provide “evidence” of your superior offerings. If your community is the recent recipient of such an honor, we congratulate you and encourage you to openly congratulate your staff to build morale and let the world know how great they—and your community—are.

Forté offers several products and services to help you congratulate your team:

    A large poster is ideal for communicating your gratitude to staff for a job well done. Placed in department break rooms, offices or even the lobby, highly-visible posters are appreciated and motivational.
    Recognition is particularly cherished when it’s public – an outstanding reason to thank your staff via a print ad in a local or zoned newspaper or other publication. Ads with staff listings are especially meaningful to those who rarely receive such acknowledgement. Staff members and the community as a whole will be reminded of the honor your community received and the valuable team members that made that honor possible.
    Placing a massive 48’ wide by 14’ tall thank you near your community might be just the boldest means of publicly thanking your team. With advances in digital billboards, you can quickly and affordably display such a message for a shorter duration than previously required by billboards providers.

Again, we congratulate you for your recent recognition and the dedication of your loyal staff! Forté has served the senior living industry since 1999 and we understand the high standards you must uphold to receive such an honor. We know how grateful you are to your team and we would be honored to help you boldly credit those who contributed.

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