Forté Video Coverage: Buckner Senior Living

9/11/13 | YNN Time Warner Cable | 2:02

Seniors battle it out over water volleyball


Residents at Greenridge at Buckner Villas Senior Living Center may look sweet, but these seniors have a serious competitive streak. Twice a month, they take to the community’s pool for a game of water volleyball.

Carl Morris, 90, says his specialty is his serve.

“I like volleyball because it’s a sport that still gives me some good exercise and competition,” Morris said.

Those both in the water and in the stands enjoy seeing the competitiveness of the sport. The seniors take the game pretty seriously.

“I just love all of the excitement and the crazy shots and all of the silly things that we do,” said Audrey Tope. “I don’t know who has more fun, the players or the audience.”

In addition to being a fun activity, the exercise helps the seniors maintain their health and strength.

No matter who wins, after every match there’s ice cream.