The Art of Giving Back

gabrielle_wallaceWe all have our own personal gifts or talents. The trick is realizing what yours are and knowing how to share it. I may not have been blessed with the gift of athletics, certainly not when it comes to basketball. However, we each have our individual niche. I was recently inspired by a senior to look deeper inside for my special gifts—and then to seek out opportunities to share them with others.

The inspiration came while I was chatting with an 88-year-old resident of Moldaw Residences in California, and I discovered that he has been sharing his remarkable artistic talent with others in his community.

Warren Weinstock had a successful career in realty, but his true passion and undeniable gift has always been his art. He’s done amazing paintings and sketches over the years but stopped after his first wife died. Over time, he remarried and moved into Moldaw Residences in Palo Alto to be near his daughter, who began encouraging him to pick the paint brush back up.

Now Weinstock is not only creating beautiful paintings and artwork again, which are displayed around Moldaw’s campus, but he also teaches regular art classes to fellow active residents there. In addition, he uses his talent to help those in memory care. Apparently, when it comes to the brain and dementia, the last thing we lose is creativity, including musical and artistic abilities. Weinstock is helping residents with Alzheimer’s hold on to those kind of skills and stay engaged as much as possible by teaching them how to express themselves through art.

One of my favorite quotes from Weinstock is about why he loves art and enjoys sharing it with others. He told me, “Everyone wants to experiment with something…art is about creating an image or something for someone else to enjoy.”

It left me feeling inspired to recognize what my own specific talent is or what skills I possess and to share that with others for their enjoyment the way Warren Weinstock is doing. Here’s to self-discovery, trying new things and sharing with others!

*You can read more about Weinstock and how he shares art with the residents in the San Francisco Chronicle article that ran his story HERE

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