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doug_fusellaGUEST POINT OF VIEW: Doug Fusella is the chief operations officer and president of New LifeStyles, the ultimate resource for senior living and care options seeking to provide seniors and caregivers with everything they need to make an informed, comfortable decision about their own or a loved one’s future. In his role, Fusella oversees the company’s finances, product development, design, business operations and improvement of the systems that deliver the company’s products. Since joining in 2000, he has been a dynamic figure in the digitalization of the company’s products. In this post, he offers insights into leveraging digital channels to showcase your senior communities.

Many companies and businesses, including senior living communities, are looking for fresh and effective ways to reach more people and communicate with them more efficiently. Our company’s goal is to provide caregivers and seniors with the information they need to begin the process of selecting the optimal senior living community for them or someone else.

When looking at the print version of our guides last year, we knew we needed to diversify and develop more savvy approaches to help us meet this goal.  The New LifeStyles team wanted to provide more content to our users and make our website more conducive to search engine optimization (SEO) for our clients, as well as update the search features of our website for end users, clients and industry professionals.

When looking at overhauling the New LifeStyles web presence, we knew we had to expand our online offerings. One of the new elements we are looking to add to the site that we are particularly excited about is the ability to directly link to a community’s social media page.

Social media is a great tool for senior living communities to use to reach prospective clients, portray the community’s personality and demonstrate the activities and events that are offered to residents.  I recommend that caregivers and seniors looking at a prospective senior living community check out the community’s social media platforms if they have any.

These channels are informal and very affordable ways to demonstrate what is going on at your community through copy and visuals—including multimedia.  As we all know, video and photographs are excellent tools for demonstrating how residents at a community are interacting.

While New LifeStyles offers unbiased information that serves as a great starting point for those searching for a senior living community, it is up to the decision-maker to dig deeper and find out if the senior living community in consideration is the best place for themselves or a loved one.  Direct links to communities’ social media pages offer a helpful, organized starting point for the process of choosing the best community. Users can also benefit by getting the perspectives of others who have already been to certain sites by reading the comments they have posted.

New LifeStyles is very active on social media platforms. We like to showcase our activities, our company’s personality, updates, reminders and articles we think will be useful to our clients and users. Click HERE to check out our LinkedIn page. Click HERE to check out our Twitter page. Click HERE to check out our Facebook page.

I highly recommend communities utilize social media platforms to share content and information with potential clients.  If you do, but do not update it, that reflects poorly on your community.   So if you start one or decide to start one, make sure you keep it updated. We live in an age in which everyone and everything utilizes social media. Are you keeping up with the times?

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