PR 3.0 – Be Yourself–Everyone Else is Already Taken

lauren_wittIn my experience, I have known quite a few reporters who get tired of covering negative stories all the time. Stories about traffic accidents, abused children, robberies, fire and death begin to take a toll and make for a very tragic day of news. So when I send them a story idea about something or someone positive and inspiring, they are ready to cover that kind of story.

The media is eager to tell stories about people giving back in a unique or special way, inter-generational stories about seniors mentoring youth or children doing something thoughtful for seniors in their communities and stories about breaking stereotypes. They enjoy sharing stories that are uplifting and motivating.

I recently came across a documentary, Fabulous Fashionistas, which features six senior women whose average age is 80. These ladies are defying age stereotypes and expressing a wild sense of fashion in the way they carry themselves and the things they adorn themselves with. Showcasing a variety of rocking textures, loud colors, statement makeup and unique ensembles, these women are showcasing their fabulous fashionista side.  They feel you never reach a point where you are too old to sport a style you love.

For them, staying young and dressing with style come from carrying an individualistic attitude, as opposed to fitting into societal norms and following the latest trends. These women have not only aged well in regard to their fashion tastes, they still like to have a lot of fun and live their lives doing things they love. In the documentary, each woman shares her personal story of what has led her to become the independent and confident woman she is today.

This story caught my eye because it is daring, inspiring and unique. When looking for stories to share at your senior living community, look to your residents. Observe them and see which ones have a fun flair, are telling fascinating stories and inspire you. If they inspire you, then they will most likely resonate with other people in a similar way. You may have found your next story opportunity.

Every person is a unique individual. You just have to take the time to see them for who they are. Remember this: it is important to be yourself, because everyone else is already taken. Which residents stand out to you because they have made their marks as individuals?

You can watch the Fabulous Fashionista documentary here.

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