Keep Staff in the Spotlight

lauren_wittWhile highlighting the residents at your senior living community is one of the most important functions of public relations, it is also imperative to profile staff members at your community – I’m talking about recognizing important new hires and promotions within your community.

Announcements like these help reveal the selection process involved in bringing someone new into the community. They are also an opportunity to display the person’s credentials and discuss what they bring to the table to keep the community going strong.

Directing positive attention to these employees is important because they are a part of a community caring for the loved ones of many families. Getting the word out about recent business developments demonstrates to these families and others that you are committed to making changes that benefit the community as a whole.

A new hire or promotion release should announce the name of the person who is filling the position and the responsibilities and duties that person will assume. The release should outline the person’s goals moving forward in their new role, as well as their background and any previous experiences that validate their credentials. A quote from the person acknowledging how excited they are for the opportunity is a must-have. It is also a good idea to include a quote from a third party within the community speaking to the qualities and attributes that make that person a good fit for their new role and for the community as a whole.

Announcing new hires and promotions is also a wonderful way to reach new audiences and get placements in a larger variety of publications. Reaching more people through different media will help create more awareness for your senior living community. These types of releases are best shared in business journals, in alumni publications, over websites like Business Wire and in the hometown papers of the person being profiled. It doesn’t hurt to share the announcement via your social media outlets as well.

When it comes to announcing a new hire, the standard wait time is three to six months. This way you can be sure the new hire is truly a good fit and shows signs of sticking around. The last thing a community needs is to announce a new hire and then have the person leave a month later. I recommend making these announcements for employees with strong leadership roles in the community, such as the executive directors and department heads.

While new hire and promotion announcements may not seem as important as highlighting the residents of your community, I can assure you it is. These announcements serve as a bridge between the community’s administration and its residents and their loved ones and also build morale among staff by highlighting their specific roles in the community.

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