Great White(-Haired) Sharks

blogpic_ashleywWhen you think of the game of pool, you may picture a group of guys in their 20s bonding, playing and having fun. However, billiards is an extremely popular sport for the young at heart as well as for the young, and a group of 25 residents of The Buckingham senior living community prove that the game has no age limit.

Last year, the Buckingham Billiards Boys Club (BBBC) played 900 matches against each other. The club got started because resident Ed Sechrest had always loved a good game of pool, and he wanted to enjoy the game with others.

Several years ago a group of men, including Sechrest, started playing pool together in The Buckingham’s Billiards Parlor. After gaining a few new players, Sechrest suggested that they have a little competition. By 2012 they had 16 men in their group, and they have around 25 players at last count.

Now the men hold a tournament every week, starting Saturday morning and going through Friday evening. They like to keep the games fast and simple. Sechrest jokes that he never knew retired people could stay so busy. To add to the fun, an anonymous benefactor donated silly socks and special billiards gloves for the men to wear while they play.

By shooting the breeze while shooting pool, the Buckingham Billiards Boys Club has become a tight-knit group. The club’s camaraderie comes from more than just billiards—some members are widowers, others just crave a social activity that gives them the time and place to do guy stuff (which some of their wives appreciate as well).

When they’re not participating in and watching tournaments, the club members enjoy their men’s hour with beer, buffalo wings and (weather permitting) the occasional outdoor barbeque by the pool.

Due to the growth and popularity of the BBBC, The Buckingham recently added a second table to the Billiards Parlor. In 2013, the men played about 900 scheduled matches, but probably played three or four times as many games. They hope to begin playing against other communities in the near future.

Want to see some amazing trick shots? Take a look at the best of 2013 below!

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