Santa’s Senior Helpers


The recent Texas ice storm—which we so lovingly refer to as Icepocalypse 2013—has made me acutely aware of the fact that winter is upon us. This not only made me realize how far behind I am on Christmas shopping, but it also got me thinking about what this time of the year means. It’s not only about the gifts, lights and Starbuck’s Peppermint Mochas. This season is also a time for giving to others in need and a time that the media is looking to share heartwarming stories about helping others.

Parkway Place in Houston, a Buckner Retirement Services Community, had the privilege of playing Santa in the life of a 12-year-old child who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The family faces many financial challenges trying to provide treatment for their daughter, and Parkway Place residents wanted to lessen their burden. The residents and staff are donating money which will be used to purchase items on the family’s wish list. These people have a passion for helping this family and want to do whatever they can.

“I love children, and I am happy that Parkway Place residents are eager to help kids in need,” said Aaron Mendoza, a Parkway Place resident. “Beyond the gifts, I think we instill hope in the family by showing them that there are kind people in the world who care about their wellbeing. I hope that through our actions, we are also showing the importance of giving and sharing.”

Though we all love the frivolous parts of the season, sometimes it takes a story like this to make us all realize that there is more to the holiday than just really great peppermint coffee. There are kids who are sick who need their spirits lifted. There are families who may not be able to enjoy a warm turkey dinner with their loved ones. There are soldiers who can’t be with their families because they are fighting to keep us safe. Let’s follow the example of Parkway Place’s residents and all be Santa to someone this year and take care of each other, because that is what this holiday season is about.

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