Knit Wits Who Give a Darn

They call themselves the “Knit Wits,” but this is one dedicated group of seniors who shows uncommon good sense regarding what really matters in life.

Every Friday for the past five years, a group of Edgemere residents have gathered to knit clothing for various organizations across the country. What started out as a skill has turned into a special hobby for these lovely ladies, and the people they have touched range from preemies to soldiers. The group has grown from just a few members to now 20, and the women have gone from being acquaintances to being close friends.

Once the group realized their families were over their limit with sweaters and blankets, they decided to expand their talents to nonprofits. Their first project was knitting hats, scarves and helmet liners for troops in Afghanistan. They then decided to partner with Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas. For Genesis, they continue to knit baby blankets, caps and scarves. The Knit Wits also have knitted hats for preemies at a local hospital and for a group called Halos for Hope, which provides hats for people who have lost their hair due to cancer.

The Knit Wits are a reminder to us all that giving back is a lifelong journey. There is no age limit, gender or race requirement. There are millions of ways to give back to your local community, and it’s never too late to start. I know just getting through each day can be a struggle, when work, family and friend duties call, but volunteering makes people better in a variety of ways. Ultimately, volunteering makes people a better colleague, spouse, parent, child and friend. So go out there and give back!

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