Forté Case Studies – The Barrington at Carmel


The Barrington at Carmel – Positioning Newly-Acquired CCRC for Success

indyAlready under development, the original sponsor of this CCRC was struggling to reach financing due to having an unrecognizable name among investors within the senior living industry.  As an exceptionally well-known and highly credible nonprofit sponsor, SQLC stepped in and sourced the needed funding, but then had to market within a community where it was a total unknown.  The sudden transition had bred a degree of uncertainty within the local market, and some in the community saw the new sponsor as “big city outsiders.” To establish acceptance, SQLC had to make a strong case for themselves and The Barrington—without delay.

Forté responded with dynamic news materials about SQLC—and introduced top management, starting with the CEO and his team’s amazing success in serving seniors.  The media relations stressed positive economic impact on the local community and helped put faces with names for the local executive staff as groundbreaking approached.  As a result, The Barrington sponsorship transition went smoothly all the way through opening.  The community is currently in fill-up and aggressive occupancy projections are in place due to the community’s ongoing success.  Positive print, TV and online stories appeared on a regular basis. What began as a community at risk was transformed, through positive media relations, into a well-trusted and fully-accepted senior living community.