Forté Group, Inc. is a leading marketing and public relations agency specializing exclusively in one of the fastest growing industries in the country – senior living/senior care. With more than 15 years of experience serving 100+ clients across the country, our agency is well-positioned in this dynamic industry. In fact, by 2020, we expect to be a national leader among dedicated senior living marketing agencies with non-media billings of $10M+. To achieve that goal, over the next few years, we will be creating and filling dozens of jobs at various skill levels in the following areas: public relations (especially media relations), advertising, digital communications, social media, direct marketing, research, creative design and training. We intend to build on our current formula for success – hiring people who have a heart for the senior industry and a mind that seeks new and fresh solutions. We are interested in beginning to explore potential candidates, including candidates for paid internships, because we anticipate rapid growth in 2014. Based in Dallas, our agency is renowned and respected for our commitment to providing an environment that supports working parents, work-life balance and personal development. Salary and benefits are competitive for agency positions in the Southwest. For all of these reasons, our future’s so bright, well … we’ll provide the shades! CURRENT JOB OPENINGS:
Title Chef
Salary $120,000
Location Dallas
Job Information

The chef will be responsible for preparing delicious and healthy meals for all employees on a daily basis.

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