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Five Tactics to Out-Market New Competitors

blogpic_trapperAs baby boomers begin aging into independent living territory and their collective assisted living needs promise limitless potential in decades to come, senior living communities of all variety might seem poised to enter the Promised Land of infinite leads...
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Medium Wars: Cable vs. Broadcast TV

blogpic_trapperSince its inception, few mediums have rivaled television’s ability to communicate an advertising message to the masses. The king of mediums combines an unrivaled reach with the unique ability to communicate true emotion, all in easy-to-embrace 30-second segments. Television...
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Where PR and Marketing Meet

Trapper-Collova-26619_90x90It’s 6:08 p.m. and you’re watching the local ABC affiliate’s evening news. You know it’s coming soon. Then, at 6:10, there it is: a glorious, 2-minute, 18-second feature on your community’s new water aerobics program. Your phone rings–it’s...
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Marketing to Recruit

blogpic_trapperA winter storm is on the way, snow has begun to fall, your community’s power could go out and you just got your fourth call from an employee that “can’t make it in.” You’re stunned, saddened by so many...
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