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Your Future Self Will Thank You

leadpic_susanYou hear all the time from medical associations and research teams that exercising your brain daily will benefit your physical and mental health exponentially in the long run. These exercises can include puzzles, games, reading, playing an instrument and...
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The Art of Life

leadpic_susanMy day-to-day life feels constantly busy. Between work, relationships, housework and other commitments I feel like I’m constantly running without an end in sight. For many seniors, their daily pace is much slower and more purposeful, which is very representative...
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There’s Always a Story to Tell

leadpic_susanAs I studied various principles of public relations and journalism in college, part of our required courses was a Media Ethics class. During this class, we were encouraged to critically discuss the ideas and principals of journalism and how...
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When Senior Storytelling Comes Home

leadpic_susan For most of my life I only had one grandparent, and thankfully she lived right in my hometown of Wichita, Kansas. Mildred, or Gammie as I fondly call her, was born on the Fourth of July –...
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