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The Art of Event Placement

blogpic_katieI have found that contacting the media about events at senior living communities can be a difficult placement. Many people see where the event is located and immediately lose interest. You may get some online calendar postings, and if it...
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Tailor-Made Stories

blogpic_katieStories about veterans who played a major part in World War II or couples who have been married for 70+ years are fabulous stories that general newspapers and TV stations will find attractive. However, sometimes it’s fun to...
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Dog Days of Summer

blogpic_katieIT’S SUMMER!! In case you missed the heat wave and the fact that the amount of children everywhere has tripled, I thought I should let you know. Now that most of us have jobs that don’t allow us...
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Seniors Sparking Pinterest

blogpic_katieA common misconception I’m confronted with when talking to my friends in public relations is that it must be incredibly difficult to find something interesting to write about at a senior living community.  In reality, most of the...
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