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The Silver Thread of Branding

blogpic_billIt’s widely accepted that storytelling is the oldest form of communication, vastly predating even crude writing in human history. Oral stories were how early families and tribes communicated among themselves about what mattered most; where to find food, water,...
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Personal Tech: Resident-Centric Goes Digital

bill_pemberton In an industry where caring is at the core of all success, it’s easy to sound just like the other guys. You know the drill, phrases like “resident-centric, caring, committed to excellence, etc.” Unfortunately, that generic kind of message...
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Earning Market Share through Earned Media

blogpic_billWith the flood of new senior living communities sweeping across the nation, chances are very high that your senior living communities are—or soon will be—facing some new competition. For your prospects, it can all easily become a blur of...
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Live or Die: Rick’s Rule of 78

blogpic_billAnyone close to senior living operations quickly realizes that occupancy level is the core metabolism of every senior living community. Of course, unit sales are the heartbeat that speeds or slows that metabolism. All senior living operators also realize...
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