Geometry of PR: Finding Multiple Angles

blogpic_laurenRecently I was assigned the task of sharing a story about a new interior design concept for senior living communities. Naturally I searched for publications with a focus on interior design, as well as publications that were primarily senior living content. As I was researching some additional media to reach out to, it occurred to me that there were other ways to position this article that would make it relevant to other publications as well. All it took was a little digging to find out which sections these publications have that would be relevant to my topic, and then I just had to craft a couple new pitches to really capitalize on the different angles.

For starters, the COO of the company that is promoting this new concept in interior design is an accomplished woman. She has years of experience and is bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table. She is a strong female role model, business entrepreneur and leader in her industry.

Taking her character, her mission and her gender into consideration I thought we could target publications that focus on successful women, and thus highlight the interior design trend she is setting for the industry. She might be a good candidate for a women-of-interest article in a publication that has a predominantly female readership as well for a publication such as More, whose mission is to celebrate women of style and substance with articles on style, health, work, spirituality and relationships.

Another perspective that ties in with the last idea is a business angle. The trick here is to not be so acutely focused as highlighting an individual, but rather to showcase the entire company’s goal for revolutionizing something stagnant within their industry. This could be an article about keeping fresh with the trends, looking for ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors or assessing ways of how you can meet the needs of current and future clients.

Since the COO and CEO of this company have years of experience under their belts, they are considered industry experts. They can discuss why they are taking this interior design approach, what it means, how it will transform the industry and any other words of the wise.

Let’s shift gears yet again. A major part of this interior design concept is incorporating customized artwork from an artist who has a celebrity following. She is eager to delve into the healthcare space and create pieces that she hopes will evoke inspiration in the residents that live at the communities. So what about pitching a publication to see if they want to do a feature on the artist? This will open the door to a myriad of art publications.

When we start to look at different angles and all the ways we can pitch a story to various media outlets, we see we can tap into more diverse markets, create additional exposure and—most importantly—reach more people. This has a lot of positive results, not the least of which is the client seeing the hard work and effort we put into sharing their story!

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