Monthly Archives: July 2014

To Grow or Not to Grow?

blogpic_billIn today’s climate of budget cutting and hyper-budget scrutiny, you may have asked yourself: does our company need to hire a PR/ad agency?  Or not? Let’s start with why many companies choose not to hire an agency. The biggest...
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Social Media Coaches Join Senior Living Lineup

pic_ashley-dDespite the fact that the first Internet users are beginning to enter retirement, many people still believe the stereotype that seniors do not understand or like technology. The reality is quite the opposite for baby boomers and older...
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Tailor-Made Stories

blogpic_katieStories about veterans who played a major part in World War II or couples who have been married for 70+ years are fabulous stories that general newspapers and TV stations will find attractive. However, sometimes it’s fun to...
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