Monthly Archives: December 2013

That Syncing Feeling


As the senior living industry is beginning to understand the power of social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to also understand how each platform is different and how each should be...
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2013 – A Record Year

grant_millerThe story of 64-year-old Diana Nyad, who swam the more than 100 miles from the shores of Cuba to Key West this September, made some pretty big headlines. This wasn’t Nyad’s first record-setting effort; in fact, she attempted...
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Brand – The Sum of All Things

bill_pembertonEstablishing a brand, whether it’s a restaurant chain or a family of senior living communities, is a major investment and usually worth every penny—when done professionally.  Proper brand development captures the unique value of your business model and...
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Shaping Your Story to Sell

gabrielle_wallaceWe can get so caught up in a story or an event that’s happening at one of our senior living communities that we sometimes forget to emphasize to the reporters, editors or producers just exactly how to reference...
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