Your Logo Says It All

katie_fittzAs soon as you saw each of these logos, you knew what company was associated with it, and a thought came into your head—probably about an experience you’ve had with them or things you have heard. One part of branding that is usually left up to the advertising gurus is logos. Your logo can make or break what people think about your company and will become the image that people see in their minds when your name is mentioned. So how do you create a good logo?

None of the above logos are complicated or intricate images that would take only a Picasso to create. However, they all have three qualities that are important, and we would be wise to learn from them. A logo should be:

  •  Simple.  It is imperative that your logo not be so busy that people stare at it trying to figure out what it is or what it means. Your logo should represent your company, and just like your specific brand, it should contain an element that makes you different from the rest of the senior living field. Maybe it’s a certain font or a feeling that you want people to take away. It should not be an extremely complicated logo because simple ones are easier to render both in print and online.  You’ll be using it thousands of times, so easier is a good thing.
  • Appropriate.  Logos—like companies—are intended for different audiences. In the senior living industry, your logo should appeal to seniors and their adult children. You don’t need a Toys R’ Us- type logo to attract them. While Toys R’ Us’ logo serves its purpose, its colorful letters and bubbly font are meant to catch the eyes of children, not adults. For the senior living industry, it’s best to stick with clean lines, simple images and non-neon colors.
  • Catchy.  When I look at Coca-Cola’s logo I am immediately drawn toward it. Not necessarily for the product—I’m more of a Dr Pepper girl—but its vibrant red color and classy-yet-fun font make me feel happy and intrigued, which is exactly what Coca-Cola wants me to feel. Their logo is SO catchy that the red is now a trademarked color known as “Coke Red.” So whether it’s a color, font or image, make sure it will catch the eye of your target audience.

When it comes to logos, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a logo is worth infinitely more. A great logo becomes an icon in your market’s mind—maybe for generations to come.

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